Social Media Marketing

Online marketing is a fast-moving concept and has changed dramatically over the past two years. The focus for more and more businesses in on social media and that is where Agape TV and Enterprises is placing a large portion of its emphases. Social media marketing and site covers are where the action is. It is time for you to get in to action as well.

We focus on the six major social media sites where businesses of all kinds are placing their marketing outreach.

At Agape TV and Enterprises, we have the ability to change your social media marketing emphasis each month depending on the season or your reputation or even special events and offers you are making. We call it our 72X SOCIAL DOMINATION PACKAGE. What this means is that over a period of twelve months, your social media cover is changed for a total of 72 times. Few other agencies offer this kind of strategic change each month.

Here are the reasons we think that most businesses do not take advantage of this tremendously dynamic concept:

This is why we are able to step forward, offer our assistance, and help you with your social media marketing giving you the opportunity to focus on your business. It is a positive inter-dependent relationship that is very practical.

We will get your business new customers by helping you leverage the enormous demand and popularity of local social media sites.

Running a business of any size is hard enough without having to figure out all this marketing stuff. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. We’ll do all the hard thinking and heavy lifting for you. 

All you have to do is continue providing a great product and delivering a good customer experience.  We’ll help you craft the complete offer from A-Z.  By the time we are done, you will have a profitable deal, modeled after other past successful offers, that will deliver you instant profits and a flood of new customers.

Here are some of the social media covers that have been done for some of our clients:

Our pricing model is simply brilliant and affordable.

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The Process

Our process is quite simple. 

First, we will have a conversation with you to understand your business.  This is a critical step in the process.  We want to get a good understanding of what you do and who your ideal customers are.

From there, we will go out and do some market research so we can target what is currently working in your marketplace.

Once we’ve proven ourselves to you, we hope that you will use our organization for all your marketing needs.  Make sure you take a look at our services page to see some of our other offerings.